Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What happened to Myspace?

Myspace is definitely a thing of the past. It is rarely used nowadays because of sites like facebook and twitter. From what I remember myspace was a premature version of facebook. It had some similar features but facebook seemed to have taken them further and develop the site a little more. When myspace was the big thing it was similar to facebook in that people's lives revolved around it. Kids would spend hours upon hours on it and when they weren't on, they were talking about it. Some people treat facebook the same way today. Myspace was a huge hit until facebook allowed those without college email addresses to sign up. Then it seemed that everyone switched over and myspace was no longer.

Looking back myspace seems like more of a forum for music, than any other social networking site. When we all had profiles, there was a feature that allowed you to post a song directly on your profile page. It seems like even now, when other sites have taken over for social networking purposes, myspace still sort of serves a music purpose. I remember last year the show Glee held a contest to try to find a new character and the auditions were held through myspace. People had to log on to vote for who they wanted to be chosen. Many bands still use myspace to try to get discovered. Although youtube seems to almost be taking over in this realm.

I personally deleted my profile after I switched to facebook, but my roommate and I went on her page last night and we discovered that myspace is now entirely different. It seems to have taken over a similar format to facebook and also twitter in some aspects. However, I think that their efforts to rebrand myspace may just be a little too late. People are too engaged in these other sites to even remember that myspace exists. The downfall of myspace makes me wonder if that was a unique thing to happen to myspace or if it will eventually happen to the more popular sites of today.

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  1. It is hard to reverse course when you're in decline. But MySpace did start out at being music-oriented, a place for bands to publicize their music.