Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Common Features of MySpace

Wow. Myspace was such a long time ago. Honestly, I think the last time I logged on was back in middle school. From what I can remember, there were three features that me or my friends used that I noticed many other "friends" using as well.

1. Inside Jokes: I remember keeping a running tally of inside jokes between me and my friends in the "About Me" column on MySpace. I believe it started in the AIM profiles, but the space was very limited. When MySpace became the big sensation, most of my friends kept a few words that reminded them of a significant time or comment that had been made. Eventually, it got a little annoying and time consuming to mark every little event that happened in your life that the fad slowly died (as well as the fact that MySpace was constantly bothersome with viruses and spam).

2. Poetry: I was/am not good at writing poetry or even lyrics for that matter. My best friend from home, however, is. Back in the MySpace era, my friend who I will call, Tom, would post poems, short stories, or random writings in the blog section. I would read them every time I logged into MySpace and viewed his profile. Eventually, he changed his theme and began writing lyrics, which I thought was really impressive. To this day, Tom keeps a blog outside of MySpace and writes in it periodically poems, lyrics, or short stories. I was even lucky enough to compose one of his songs and perform it for my friends at a charity concert for Darfur.

3. Music: The music pages were possibly MySpace's best feature. It was an excellent place for rising musicians to accumulate a fan base and broadcast their songs worldwide. Though I am a musician, I never actually created a music page. Tom had this desire to start a band, so he created a page and listed me on it. Unfortunately, the band never actually happened and the page was pretty much a fun experiment for him. There were students at my high school who created a music page, got a decent fan base, and was able to sell some of their music on iTunes. Music pages really did help a musician's popularity. It is unfortunate that Facebook does not have similar features on their music pages as MySpace did.

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  1. yes, the blogs, and the music, were unique aspects of MySpace that could be quite exciting and entertaining.