Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A New Digger

When I read the name Digg on our syllabus I have to be honest, I had 
never even heard of it before. This struck me as odd because I am very up to
date with new media and am pretty internet savvy. 
So being the slave
to new media that we all are, instead of just picking up our book and 
reading the chapter I jumped on my laptop and went to digg.com. On 
Google, the main header for digg.com was 'All Topics- The latest News 
Headlines and Videos. From what I gathered from the
short blurb was that it was an virtual space that provided all
types of news on politics, technology, recreation, etc. Upon entering
the site I was a little confused at first so then I decided to turn to my 
old media, good old print. After reading the Chapter on Digg I have 
gathered that it is a news site in which the importance of the news 
story is ranked by each individual Digger. I think this is very interesting
that now people are able to not only provide news through new 
media but also possibly affect the news that others get and see as important. 
Users literally dig FOR and THROUGH news.   

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  1. How does this rating system compare to the gatekeeping function traditionally carried out by an editor?