Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I remember when I first found out what Myspace was in Middle School. The thought of it was kind of scary, truly a mother's nightmare - you know catch a predator type scenarios. Myspace always seemed more public then Facebook. One of my friend's was really into Myspace - really cool layout and pictures. People used to make fake Myspaces of her and send her creepy messages, so that kind of weirded me out. However I did use Myspace to listen to different band's music and find out about their concerts, but now I wouldn't find much use for it because of the usefulness of Grooveshark and Pandora. With all of the new websites we have access to, Myspace just seems outdated.


  1. Grooveshark is certainly an easier and sometimes a quicker way than YouTube to listen to a song that you want to hear immediately. Pandora is great just to have music on in the background. MySpace didn't offer opportunities that these music sources have.

  2. There was something a bit too open about MySpace, which resulted in too much spam, including the sexual variety. Not the best place for kids.