Tuesday, March 8, 2011

MySpace: Facebook's Big Little Brother

How did MySpace lose to Facebook? MySpace was launched about a year earlier than Facebook and caught on pretty well, but what caused MySpace to stop growing and Facebook to catch fire and leave big brother behind? MySpace was launched in 2003 as a social networking site that offered the idea of "friends," people who you can connect with on MySpace and talk to on MySpace. MySpace also offered many of the same things that Facebook does like messaging, statuses, etc. However it also offered music pages where bands and artists could load Mp3 files for people to listen to on MySpace and it also allowed blogging, two features which Facebook does not offer. As time has gone by, Facebook has become the little brother who turns out to dwarf the big brother. This is because when it was launched, it was based around the idea of putting the college life online and allowing people to "meet" one another before actually "meeting" them in person. The idea took off like a rocket ship, leaving big brother MySpace behind. As the years have passed and MySpace has fallen more by the wayside, one thing that MySpace does have to its and advantage and many people argue that it is the one thing keeping MySpace alive; it's music pages. These music pages allow bands and artists to put there music out there and have people on and off MySpace listen to it for free. A kind of test run that big music companies look at to try and find some new and rising music star.
In short, MySpace is Facebook's big brother, however Facebook has become the little big brother because it tailored itself to one main focus: meeting people online. MySpace is now the big little brother that is beginning to be forgotten about.

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  1. Interesting characterization, and yes, music and blogging did make MySpace distinctive.